Icelandic mix

396,00 SEK

SUITABLE FOR Icelandic horses requiring a low intake maintenance feed to balance a forage based diet Icelandic horses requiring a low sugar and starch ration FEATURES & BENEFITS Low intake complete feed Emphasis on providing the energy from a variety of digestible "Super-Fibres" to help keep the starch and sugar levels low Additional energy is sourced from the low inclusion of micronized barley to help support the performance and recovery of Icelandic horses that are in regular work. High quality protein sources are used to help support cell renewal, tissue and muscle repair and to help encourage maintenance of topline and muscle definition A full spectrum of minerals to support vitality and immune status when fed a low intake Soya oil is added to help support skin, coat condition & shine, as well as stamina Fully fortified with key minerals from Kentucky Equine Research Includes a live yeast to help maintain optimum feed digestibility and the health of the hind gut by supporting normal gut flora health particularly during times of stress Fixed formulation providing consistent nutritional quality

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